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The figure has also undergone radiocarbon testing, and the ivory seems to be around years old. As with the Boston goddess, this is an unusual date, which may be explained by the same alternatives.

Little is known about this figurine before Evans published it in In Evans donated the figurine to the Ashmolean Museum.

Slight damage to the surface of the legs was restored sometime before The arms, one now missing, were carved separately and join the body at the biceps the arms of the other figurines join at the shoulders.

The hair is shorter than that of the Seattle figurine, and seems to have a bald patch on top, which Evans believed was a tonsure that was once covered with a gold cap.

The Cretan forgers, now aware of a demand for Boy Gods, improved on their earlier attempt the Seattle God by making the figurine unequivocally male.

Certainly, the style of this figurine is unlike that of the archaeologically excavated Minoan figurines, in any respect — either in dress, stance, expression or style of carving.

Radiocarbon tests seem to show that the ivory is several centuries old, which is another unexpected scientific result.

Of the unprovenienced figurines, these four are the closest to the ROM goddess in terms of material and technique — they are all carved from ivory and have some detachable limbs.

But there are several other snake goddess figurines made of ivory or stone that are less skillful. Many of them have disappeared from the public eye, either lost, destroyed or in private collections, but others are still in museum collections, for example a stone goddess in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge , and a steatite goddess in the Walters, Baltimore.

In the next installment I'll look at the certainly genuine Minoan material that resembles the ROM Goddess and was found in excavations on Crete.

Many of the objects were excavated in the early decades of the 20 th century and so could have inspired the creation of figurines such as the four discussed here, but there are also some more recent archaeological discoveries.

I'll talk more about how the ROM Goddess compares to all these figurines in another post. Evans, Palace of Minos: A Comparative account of the successive stages of the early Cretan civilization as illustrated by the discoveries at Knossos London, The Boston Goddess: Volume 3 p.

Lapatin, Mysteries of the Snake Goddess. Art, desire, and the forging of history. With thanks for assistance and picture permissions to Ken Lapatin J.

Skip to main content. Museum Information Re-opening Guidelines. Tourist Information. Exhibitions Current Exhibitions. Upcoming Exhibitions. Past Exhibitions.

Online Exhibitions. Galleries Explore All. Natural History. Upcoming Programs Curator Conversations. Die Aktienmärkte haben sich zügig von ihren Tiefpunkten.

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Custer, Charles. Hilton, Isabel. Butterfly at North Coast Reportory Theatre. Kristof, Nikolas. Lee, Lily Xiao Hong and A.

Stefanowska eds. Biographic Dictionary of Chinese Women. The Twentieth Century: New York: M. Lee, Lily Xiao Hong. The Twentieth Century: , Leung Li, Siu.

Cross-Dressing in Chinese Opera. Peterson, Barbara Bennett ed. Sina Wadler, Joyce. Zhao Xiaoming. Appreciate this article and want to donate a cup of green tea?

You can do so here. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission — you can contact us at info whatsonweibo. Manya Koetse is the editor-in-chief of www.

She is a writer and consultant Sinologist, MPhil on social trends in China, with a focus on social media and digital developments, popular culture, and gender issues.

Contact at manya whatsonweibo. Zhou Enlai s well known for having no child. That was a fascinating article.

I have been pondering why no one seems to trust anyone in Chinese culture. It seems these chess matches have been going on for centuries.

Sania Bright. As a female ruler in ancient China, she has been highly appreciated throughout history by people, particularly by women.

We can probably say that other women were evil, because they did terrible things without any contribution to society. I disagree with that Lu Xiaoman is evil.

Well, we all know that there are many rumors out there and maybe they are true. Maybe this is from a Chinese perspective. A lot of western articles say she is evil.

But the Chinese wrote songs about Wu Zetian and how great she is. She made Buddhism the national religion. She made equal rights for women, and she made less taxes for the peasants.

Bernard R. Informative and well-written, Ms Koetse. The title of this article is incredibly misogynistic and smacks of patriarchal condescension.

Because they had the nerve to do what any smart male emperor would have done in her place? Political intrigue, ruthless assassinations, and societal manipulation was the name of the game in the imperial courts of dynastic China and you either lived to tell your story or died trying.

As a leader Wu Zetian was actually one of the best emperors China had ever seen. Chinese historians hate her because she was strong, unfeminine, and unapologetically power hungry; she was utterly ruthless—seizing and wielding power like a man when no woman had dared to do this so publicly in the past.

Wu Zetian embodies feminist leadership and her actions were no worse than the male leaders that came before or after her. She boosted agricultural production by rewarding good administrators, punishing those who taxed the peasants too heavily, re-allocating land fairly and improving public works.

She strengthened defence and foreign relations, so that by AD, military threats in the far northwest had been overcome and territorial limits extended deep into Central Asia.

She also completed the conquest of the upper Korean peninsula. Notably, she made Buddhism the favoured state religion ahead of Daoism. By the time she died 15 years later, Wu had created a powerful and prosperous regime and social stability.

She was buried in the Qianling Tomb in Shaanxi province. From a feminist perspective Wu Zetian demonstrated that women can be equally as powerful and effective leaders as men.

If a female emperor acts in the same evil way as a male emperor, that means they are both evil. Saying that atrocities carried out by female emperors is misogyny just because male emperors have been guilty of same kind of actions just does not make any sense.

From a non feminist perspective Wu Zetian did indeed demonstrate that women can be equally as powerful and effective as men, but she also demonstrated that women can be just as ruthless and evil leaders as men.

Therefore she indeed deserves a spot on this list. Your email address will not be published. When it comes to social media, Twitter has seen a significant surge in accounts representing Chinese official media, diplomatic missions, and state organizations.

Official Chinese accounts have become more present and more active on foreign social media over the past few years, and we have found that there has been a significant surge of new official accounts arriving on Twitter in and in early Within China, Weibo and WeChat have become increasingly relevant when it comes to public diplomacy.

For years now, foreign embassies, media, pundits, and government organizations from all over the world are active on Chinese social media platforms.

The growing ubiquity of digital diplomacy is unsurprising: social media platforms are a low-cost and convenient tool for engaging with local audiences for public diplomacy purposes.

While foreign actors are active on Weibo and other platforms, Chinese actors are also increasingly active in the English-language social media sphere.

The use of Twitter for diplomacy uses is not new, nor is it unique to China. The use of Twitter for Chinese government purposes has received more media attention recently.

Noteworthy enough, it was previously found that those using bot activities on the platform to manipulate information about China and Chinese politics were actually anti -China groups ibid.

What is clear from the recent growing presence of Chinese state-related accounts on Twitter, is that online political communication promoting Chinese interests is often manually done by real accounts and real people, e.

The One Belt, One Road summit in May of was an important digital media moment as Chinese state media and official social media accounts shared new kinds of promotional campaigns targeted at domestic and foreign audiences see our article.

Yes, there are still panda tweets. This is not always done in the most sophisticated way. One noteworthy example is that of the China State Council Information Office, tweeting under the unverified handle of chinascio.

Over the past two years, Chinese Twitter strategies seem to have become more sophisticated, with an increasing number of state media, diplomatic missions and government organizations joining the American social media platform.

There are, however, new rows coming up over the Twitter use of Chinese officials. Screenshot as posted by Isaac Stone Fish on Twitter isaacstonefish.

The embassy soon deleted the tweet and released a statement saying its Twitter was hacked. It was not the first time the Embassy came under scrutiny for its Twitter use; the Chinese Ambassador to France was summoned to the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs in April for a series of other provocative tweets during the coronavirus crisis.

That there is a growing presence of Chinese official accounts on Twitter does not mean that there is also growing freedom for Chinese web users to use the platform from within mainland China.

Twitter has been blocked in China since June , and is inaccessible unless web users make use of software to circumvent censorship and to jump over the Great Firewall of China.

Only a small percentage of Chinese web users do so. According to a survey by political scientist Daniela Stockmann, cited in the New York Times , some 0.

Not only is Twitter blocked in China — Chinese nationals who post critical views on the platform could end up in trouble. In his New York Times article , Paul Mozur explored the Beijing crackdown of Twitter, writing that a growing number of Chinese twitterers are questioned or even detained for their activities on Twitter.

Chinese activists quoted in the article talk about being advised to remove tweets, and also about being interrogated, threatened, and physically restrained over their Twitter behavior.

But who Twitters these stories in what ways is strictly controlled. The number of followers for each account is recorded at the time of writing between July Accounts are listed going from most number of followers on top.

This list is by no means complete. We might have overseen official accounts please let us know , and it has left out, for example, the many different accounts run by Confucius Institutes worldwide, and also does not list the state-owned enterprises that are active on Twitter.

Although caution is thus advised, we currently have no reason to assume that any of the accounts in this list do not belong to the person or organization they say they represent in their bio.

Contributing to this is the fact that these accounts are also followed by other official accounts that have already been verified.

In writing personal names, we stick to the way the person presents their name on Twitter. Mostly, they state their last name first, followed by the given name, but sometimes they use the Western style and turn it around.

This list is not necessarily focused on accounts tweeting in English. Many of the accounts tweet in traditional Chinese or other languages including Spanish, Japanese, German, or French both media and accounts of diplomatic missions.

They all joined from April-Nov , three years after the founding of Twitter, and in the same year that the platform was blocked in mainland China.

From that moment on, Chinese media accounts slowly start joining Twitter. Around the year , we see a small surge in Chinese media, government, and city accounts joining Twitter.

We also found that this list of Twitter accounts does not mirror Weibo at all — many of the accounts in this list have no presence on Weibo and thus were solely created to speak to an overseas audience.

The accounts in this list amplify each other by following each other and through retweeting. First version July 21, , updated by adding three more diplomats on July 22, Chinese Embassy in Pakistan CathayPak , Chinese Embassy in Brazil EmbaixadaChina , Chinese Mission to UN Chinamission2un , Chinese Embassy in France AmbassadeChine , Chinese Embassy in the Philippines Chinaembmanila , SONG C.

Visit Xiamen VisitXiamen , Suzhou, China VisitSuzhou , Visit Beijing VisitBeijingcn , Shenyang ShenyangChina , Jiangsu, China GoJiangsu , Visit Shaanxi visitshaanxi , VisitJiangsu VisitJiangsu , Changsha ChangshaCity , Anhui China AnhuiChina , Visit Sichuan-China Amazingsichuan ,

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As a special thanks to frontline workers, Bowers is currently offering free admission to all healthcare and emergency services workers. Simply show your badge or business card to the Admissions Desk upon arrival for 1 free entry into the next available time slot, applicable to both General Admission tickets and Inside the Walt Disney Archives.

Limit 1 ticket per employee per day. Offer valid until further notice. Thank you to the Nicholas Endowment for sponsoring our Family Festivals on the first Sunday of each month.

Admission to the Family Festivals in the Key Courtyard is free. Please note Family Festivals are temporarily being offered virtually.

Visit the Bowers at Home portal for details. Bowers offers free general admission to all Santa Ana residents on Sundays through a generous donation in memory of Dorothy Goerl and courtesy of the Lockhart Family.

Santa Ana residents will need to provide proof of residency through an ID, driver's license or utility bill. Over 40 museums—presenting art, cultural heritage, natural history, and science—will open their doors and invite visitors to attend free of charge.

This offer is for general museum admission only and does not apply to specially ticketed exhibitions. Any visitors not adhering to safety precautions may be asked to leave the premises.

New precautions include:. Below are some helpful guidelines to help you plan your visit. If you have a question or special need, feel free to visit the Information Desk in the lobby, or simply ask a staff member or security officer.

Backpacks, oversized purses, briefcases, and luggage are not permitted in the galleries at any time. The Bowers Museum reserves the right to inspect purses, briefcases and packages as employees and visitors enter and leave the premises.

Still photography is permitted at the Bowers for private, noncommercial use. Photographs may not be published, sold, reproduced, transferred, distributed, or used commercially in any manner.

Touching any of the artwork in the galleries is strictly prohibited. Many are very fragile, and even the stroke of a gentle finger can leave a residue of damaging oil on an object.

For your protection and safety, no climbing is allowed on outdoor sculptures. Food and Drink are not allowed in the Museum's galleries or Kershaw Auditorium.

Food and drink are available for purchase at Tangata, our beautiful restaurant in the Margaret Key Courtyard. You may exit the Museum and our permanent collections and return later in the day if you would like.

Tickets are valid from the printed entrance time through the end of operating hours on the day of your visit.

Just remember: please retain your admission sticker and ticket stub to present upon re-entry. Thompson Foyer and off the John M.

Lee Court in the Dr. Restrooms in the Historic Wing are located off the Main Foyer. All of these restrooms locations are wheelchair-accessible.

Drinking fountains are located near the restrooms in the Dorothy and Donald Kennedy Wing. Sketching is permitted in the Bowers' permanent collection galleries and special exhibitions.

You may write down notes or sketch in the galleries, but only using dry media, such as No. Please refrain from leaning against walls or glass cases while sketching.

Baby strollers are permitted at all times in the permanent collection galleries. However, the use of strollers may be restricted in special exhibition galleries due to certain loan restrictions and high visitor volume in these areas.

In addition, you grant permission to alter the same without restriction; and to copyright the same. You further acknowledge that by entering the property of the Bowers Museum that your participation is voluntary and you will not receive financial compensation of any type associated with the taking or publication of photographs and or videos or participation in company marketing materials or other publications.

You acknowledge and agree that publication of said photos and or videos confers no rights of ownership or royalties whatsoever.

You hereby release Bowers Museum, its contractors, its employees, and any third parties involved in the creation or publication of marketing materials, from liability for any claims by you or any third party in connection with your participation.

The use or possession of any type of weapon or explosives is strictly prohibited. Animals are not permitted at the Bowers.

Note: Public Tours are temporarily suspended due to health and safety concerns. Public Tours are offered daily and are free with General Admission.

The schedule is subject to change. Please check-in at the admissions desk upon arrival for the most current information.

Note: Due to health concerns from COVID, wheel chair rentals will be suspended until further notice and benches have been removed.

Thank you for your understanding. It can be found randomly on picnic tables in Crestwood and chests around Crestwood. There is a chest on a high mount above one of the Crestwood camps.

From the starting camp, look for the next closest camp, then search the high ledges nearby to find the chest. The Wedge Of Destiny stats are as follows:.

Travel to Val Royeaux, and look for a vendor named Deraboam in a small store with a blue door. Interact with the chest to find "The Mystery Box" unique item, which costs 10, coin.

Buy it to unlock "The Big One? Then, send one of your advisors to complete "The Big One? Once you reach the Hinterlands zone, travel to the far western corner to investigate the "Master Of Horses" side-quest.

It is west of the Redcliffe Farms Camp. You can see the large stables from a distance. Travel up the hill to the large homestead, talk to Master Dennet, and agree to his terms to get a free Ferelden Forder.

You can collect the horse with the saddles in the stables to the right of the path as you exit the house. Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding mount for purchase from the Horsemaster Store in Skyhold:.

Orlais: Successfully complete the Mistress Poulin judgment, who is captured at Emprise du Lion because of her business dealings with the Red Templars.

Go to the indicated location to find the corresponding companion to join your party. There are a total of eight companions that can join your party, not including your character.

Each companion has unique skills and stories, as well as their own romantic interactions and side-quests. All companions except for Cassandra, Solas, and Varric are optional.

Sera: When entering Val Royeaux, the capitol of Orlais, there will be a glowing red arrow near your character. Find all the arrow messages around the city to meet Sera.

Lady Vivienne: When you reach the opening courtyard in Val Royeaux, look for a messenger near the fountain on your way out of the city to get the "Ghislain Estate" quest.

He will give you an invitation to meet with Lady Vivienne at her estate. Iron Bull: Go to the gate doors outside the Chantry in Haven. Wait until a messenger appears and invites you to the Storm Coast.

Belle can be found on the lower floor in an outdoor store stall after confronting the Chantry and Lord Seeker Templars in Val Royeaux.

Talk to her, and she will join. Enchanter Ellendra: Go to Hinterlands. Loot Templar bodies in the Winterwatch Tower area, then return to the Crossroads.

Ellendra can be found in a cave. Have Cassandra convince her to join. Fairbanks: Go to Emerald Graves.

Fairbanks will offer to join the Inquisition or become a Noble. Florianne: Go to Halamshiral. During the quest that involves preventing the assassination on the Empress Of Orlais, reveal Florianne as the conspirator.

Then, return to Skyhold, and use the throne. You can now force her to join. You will find Sky Watcher near a Rift on the way out. Close the rift, then speak to Sky Watcher to get him to join.

Corporal Vale: Go to Hinterlands. Successfully complete multiple quests in Hinterlands to save refugees, and Vale's Irregular troops will offer to join.

You can select a coin reward, increase your Inquisition power, or get them to join for a Forces agent perk. Michel de Chevin: Go to Emprise du Lion, and speak with the soldier near the village.

He will ask you to defeat Imshael at Suledin Keep. Talk to the NPC before defeating Imshael. Successfully complete multiple quests or favors in that area.

Once enough favor is gained from Keeper Hawen, Loranil will join. Enter the bandit camp, and challenge the leader. Speak with any bandit after defeating him to get The Blades Of Hessarian to join.

Bring Varric or play as a dwarven Herald to convince them to join. Tanner: Go to Hinterlands, and defeat Templars to find a note detailing Tanner's association with smuggling.

Speak with Tanner with Cassandra in Redcliffe, down the path from the Chantry, to convince her to join. Jana: Go to Crestwood. Speak with the NPC.

Solas will convince them to join. Frederic: Go to Western Approach. Allow him to live where he will be brought back to Skyhold.

Enter the "Sit In Judgment" sequence, and sentence him to serve the Inquisition. Note: This requires the "Arcane Knowledge" perk.

Servis: Go to Western Approach, and speak with Servis to bring him into custody. You can conscript him into service during a "Sit In Judgment" throne sequence in Skyhold.

Have Vivienne or Cassandra speak to him, and he will provide a perk for the Inquisition. After completing it, he will offer to join either Cullen or Josephine either joining personally or working for the Inquisition with his influence.

Speaker Anais: Go to Hinterlands, and successfully complete the "Praise The Herald Of Andraste" quest to be able to select one of two options that will add her perks to the Inquisition roster: "Spread the word You get one perk point when you advance to a new rank.

There are four perk categories: Forces, Secrets, Connections, and Inquisition. They correspond to Cullen, Leliana, Josephine, and yourself.

Since perk points are scarce, you can expect to only obtain approximately 10 to 12 perk points during a standard game.

Each perk costs one point, except for Agent perks. Agent-based perks do not cost perk points, but will count toward the total points required to unlock advanced perks.

Thus, try to recruit as many agents as possible. Advanced Focus: Increase maximum Focus from to Second-tier focus effect for abilities can now be triggered.

Antivan-Stitched Saddle: Tack of fine Antivan leather, custom-fitted to both horse and rider, which significantly increases resistance to being unseated.

Mage Schematics: Many mages from all over Thedas have joined the Inquisition, hoping for some degree of order and protection.

Reverse engineering their robes and staves will provide new, rare schematics. Master Focus: Increase maximum Focus for all party members from to Third-tier focus effect for abilities can now be triggered.

Rogue Schematics: Many of Leliana's new agents bring gear from their previous employers. Gathering their collective gains will provide new, rare schematics.

Warrior Schematics: Sellswords, templars, chevaliers: The Inquisition's forces come from wide-ranging backgrounds. Scour the troops' arms and armors for new, rare schematics.

Master Herbalists: Combat training, top-line equipment, and experience in both allow Inquisition herbalists to find the rarest of specimens.

A large collection of rare herbs will be delivered for personal use. Veteran Herbalists: Survival and harsh environment training will push Inquisition herbalists to gather more exotic and rare plants.

As part of the training push, a large collection of uncommon herbs will be delivered for personal use. Exacting Buyers: A little shrewd negotiation will allow Inquisition procurers to buy a shipment of high-quality materials for their craftspeople.

Friends in High Places: Merchants will send messengers when they have sales at their stores, in hopes the Inquisitor will put in an appearance.

Only the Finest: A word to the right people, and our Inquisition procurers can bid at auction on the very highest-quality, rare materials for their craftspeople.

The Rare Stocks: Inquisition procurers can leverage the organization's reputation to purchase a shipment of rare and valuable raw materials for crafting.

The Short List: Merchants eager to win favor from the Inquisition will give access to special offers for rare inventory.

Deeds Renown: A better network of bards and criers makes every Inquisition deed garner more power across Thedas.

Horsemaster Dennet Agent : Dennet lends his considerable experience with the training and handling of various steeds for the Inquisition.

You can craft weapons, armor, and potions. To craft a particular item, it requires a recipe and crafting materials. Recipes are obtained by buying schematics from shops, glyphs illuminated by Veilfire, and scrolls discovered in treasure chests.

After forming the Inquisition, you can have your smith craft armor and weapons. The smith can also craft weapon and armor upgrades, which can be placed into specific slots.

However, to add elemental effects to your armor or upgrades, you must find a dwarf named Dagna. The schematics required to make equipment are divided into three tiers.

A higher tier schematic will always result in better gear. However, they will also require more material per slot to craft.

Defense: Provides resistance against elemental attacks and damage-type resistances. You can also cause enemies to gain certain status condition.

For example, bleeding when they melee attack. Offense: Provides bonuses for being offensive. Primary: Determines the base armor or attack value of the armor or weapon.

It also determines the elemental damage of staves. The attribute boost is directly linked to crafting material. Masterwork: High tier weapon or armor have an additional Masterwork slot, which requires masterwork crafting material.

This slot provides bonuses such as chance-on-hit damage and unique buffs after absorbing damage. Upgrade: Armor has up to two upgrade slots and weapons have up to three.

The materials can greatly improve the quality of the armor and weapon upgrade. Rune: Does not depend upon the quality of the crafting material.

All you need for rune crafting is a rune schematic. There are three types of potions. Potions that recover HP and magic, tonics that increase resistance and combat, and grenades that deal area of effect damage.

Each potion can be upgraded for increased effect and duration. Tears Of The Dead: Three hits will poison an enemy, dealing 44 damage for 15 seconds.

Your weapon will remain poisoned for 10 seconds. Pitch Grenade: Surrounds an enemy with a pitch that remains for one minute and slows down enemies that enter it.

Antivan Fire: Set an area on fire for 30 seconds, which deals 23 burning damage to anyone standing in it.

Jar Of Bees: Summon a horde of bees at target, which attack enemies for damage per second for 15 seconds. The following combo attacks use one class to inflict an enemy with a negative status, and then follow it with an attack from another class:.

Search the indicated locations to find all 15 Astrariums.

These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. A large collection of rare herbs will be delivered for personal use. You get one Le Jeton point when you advance to a new rank. Learn More. Wu Zetian embodies feminist leadership and her actions were no worse than Spiel Candy Crush Saga male leaders that came before or after her. The popular Chinese costume drama Women of the Tang Dynasty is based Bei Vip the era of Wu Zetian the generations that followed.